Are Blank sailing the new the New Norm

With the ongoing congestion and backlog of containers sitting at the ports and off shore, we may see more blank sailing at US Port in the near term. We have yet to find a workable solution to the current backlog of containers sitting off the coast in Los Angeles and...

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In Support of Metal Scrap Shippers

As all of us serving the Metal Scrap Community have experienced there has been new constraints that we have experienced. This has been caused by services issues we have all experienced by Carriers and drayage companies.  Carriers don't have equipment or space on the...

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Charleston  Port Smashes Recorders

Charleston Port Smashes Recorders

South Carolina Ports turned in its best cargo-handling performance in history in March — and the volume was 34% higher year-over-year. “This significant achievement leads up to another historic milestone as we prepare to welcome the first ship to the Leatherman...

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